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I took a test on like where you are on the ‘nonverbal intimacy scale’ and the average female score is 102 and male is 93.8 and I got 56 lolololol

here it is if ya want (reblog/reply w/ what you get!!)

It’s actually the “non-verbal immediacy scale”, not “intimacy scale”, but anyway – still an interesting test. (My own score was 108, FWIW.)

oh lmao thanks. I really didn’t expect this to get more than like 4 notes anyway uhm

101 lol

54 -_- how did people get over 100 omg

I got 120 on this test and I think that’s probably due to the fact that I teach kindergarteners

75. This is interesting.

101 which makes sense because I’m an ambivert who usually tells jokes and whatnot


78 which doesn’t surprise me, I make an effort to appear more sociable and responsive (while my internal monologue is going “smile here no SMILE NOT LIKE THAT yes better now raise eyebrows OH GOD HE’S CRYING PAT HIS ARM yes there no its not creepy” 😂)

68. I hate talking to people unless I’m 100% comfortable with them (I can count that number on one hand!) and it’s tiring trying to fake it half the time.

91, but mostly because the questions asked applied to what happens once a conversation gets started. I’m not great at STARTING verbal interactions outside of a job setting or with people who are not intimate friends, but I respond to questions or conversation openers well and can engage from there. Otherwise I just kind of sit there feeling vaguely terrified that I’ll have to be in charge of talking.

(Also I’ve worked in service industry and trainer positions that required a lot of “fake it til ya make it” practice in engaging people in conversation and leading discussion.)

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